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The very kind and very, very patient alicelucie of mellifluous name and the blog “All I Love” —which encompasses a good deal of the things I lovenominated  TSG months ago for something called the Liebster Award. I can’t excuse or explain why it’s something I wasn’t up to dealing with at the time, but —

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To advance the understanding of nature & to engage people of all ages in learning about birds & protecting the planet.
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“Intelligence Is Nothing That Evolved Only Once”

Giovanni Nanni, also Giovanni de' Ricamatori, better known as Giovanni da Udine (1487–1564)

STUDY OF A PARROT, Giovanni da Udine (1487–1564)
Red chalk and gouache, pen and brown ink, black chalk and watercolour


Birds are capable of abstract logical reasoning, a trait previously shown only by [that is to say, previously noticed only in] primates.