feathergwenniesgarden ( sweetly nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger award.
And then I seem to have been confounded by the simple duties that attend it.
And I’m not entirely sure that everyone else will welcome the sort of chain-letter aspect to carrying out the rules of nomination either. So I’m wavering on that score.
And nomination apparently means being given it. So my hesitation each time, as though there would follow a ceremony involving crowns & things–was a further unnecessary delay.

But here are some wonderful sites that I happily endorse:
My first ever home page
“Travel Impressions On Canvas and Paper”
Docent at the Laboratory of Ornithology of Cornell — Was “island manager” on Great Brewster Island — Worked for Greenpeace — Lived in Dutchess County
Nature writer. Seed saver. Conservation biologist & sustainable agriculture activist. Orchard keeper. Wild forager. Ecumenical Franciscan
“For many of Earth’s creatures, time is running out. Half of the world’s plant and animal species will soon be threatened with extinction. The goal of the Photo Ark is to document biodiversity, show what’s at stake and to get people to care while there’s still time. ”
The images do seem to be from within the plants’ lives.
And the text often amounts to little poems:
“I came to like a Nature, plant. It is late years. It is healed and gets power.”
Opinion Today is published by Polling Report, public opinion news.
Polling Report subscribers include news organizations in the U.S. and abroad, elected officials, political consultants, think tanks, unions, trade associations, etc.  Articles have been authored by academics from many of the country’s leading universities, the directors of national media polls, principals at major survey research firms, and political pollsters, including White House pollsters stretching back to the Reagan presidency.
“I’m a writer whose interests include the biological revolution happening now, the relationship between art and science, jazz, and the state of the planet”
“Through my work as a chef I began to understand biochemistry and laboratory methods; as a hospice caregiver I worked with life support technologies and environmental controls; and through my interest in wild mushrooms I learned about taxonomies, forest ecology and husbandry.”
“Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist, designer and neuro-enthusiast. Through her work she investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. Her current project Speculative Biologies simulates the experience of a ” natural history museum of the future” showcasing Species of Excess elegantly caged in incubators, jars, aquariums. Pinar’s work has been exhibited internationally including Bologna(Italy) , Torun(Poland), Istanbul, Frankfurt, Providence, Portland, Berkeley, New Mexico and Los Angeles. She has been awarded residency fellowship grants at MacDowell Colony, UCross Foundation and VCCA. Her artwork has been featured in Wired Magazine(online), Digicult(online) and Beatiful Decay.”
“Radiolab is a show about curiosity.”
“. . . And how, where a human being with a sophisticated laboratory had failed again and again, nature had succeeded with just earth, water, air and light. Effortlessly.”
Original articles by scientists, journalists, environmentalists, academics, policy makers, and business people, as well as multimedia content and a daily digest of major environmental news.
Nick Cross–he assembled an Existential Distress Kit

“We cannot command Nature except by obeying her.” Francis Bacon, 1620

The last dusky seaside sparrow

Extraordinary photographer, Joel Sartore:

Who sees with equal eye, as God of all,
A hero perish, or a sparrow fall,
Atoms or systems into ruin hurled,
And now a bubble burst, and now a world.

Alexander Pope, Essay on Man