H Warsaw Ghetto 1941 PNGWarsaw Ghetto 1941

H Warsaw Ghetto 1942Warsaw Ghetto 1942


H SiskaFirst children’s transport arrives at the railway station at Sisak children’s concentration camp,
part of Jasenovac extermination camp


Separated from their parents Stara Gradiska CampSeparated from parents at Stara Gradiška concentration camp


Last Child Killed at IrseeLast child killed at Kaufbeuren-Irsee euthanasia facility


17th Century Walnuts


 Anonymous, German

Study of a Dead Grey Partridge

barbari partridgeJacopo de’ Barbari (c. 1460/70 – before 1516)


Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity
George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950)