Red Orach

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741), apothecary & botanist

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741), apothecary & botanist


Georg Flegel (1566 – 1638)

Georg Flegel (1566 – 1638)

Green Locust

Marshal LocustAlexander Marshal (c.1620 – December 1682 ) English entomologist, gardener and botanical artist

Marshal text

Collection 941. Alexander Marshal Insect Watercolors. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Perfumes are the feelings of flowers

Sydenham Teast Edwards, “The Botanical Register: consisting of coloured figures of exotic plants, cultivated in British gardens; with their history and mode of treatment”


Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.
~Heinrich Heine, The Hartz Journey

My roses are whispering to one another; each has a different face, and every day the expression of each face changes; throughout the season the story evolves.

Bees tell.

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