Geographie des Plantes Equinoxiales

Tableau Physique des Andes et Pays Voisins 1805

This is an elevation profile of equinoctial plants of the Andes Region, using the cutaway technique. Drafted by Alexander von Humboldt (1769 –1859), centered on Mount Chimborazo. It includes 2 tables showing the distribution of plants and geology in the area, including large numbers of plant families, genera, and species names corresponding to the vicinity of the equator in South America.
The tables also show data about altitude, appearance of electricity, changes in weight, blueness of the sky, animals, location of the snowline, the boiling point of water, and atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and composition.

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  1. Incredible. Thank you for posting this historic and beautiful informational painting. I’ve heard of this but never actually seen the artwork

  2. Oh, thank you! An appreciative reader is precious. I’ve actually been hoarding these images, and more, for about a decade–but I, too, was delighted when I came across them and saw whose work it was (and this one became my computer’s wallpaper).
    —It all delighted me at that point.
    Now I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t soon appear, like so many posts, in a more prominent forum, a well-funded newsletter, a site with an active publicity staff, a prize-winning blog (are there prize-winning blogs?).
    [Sorry…Bitter-ish. Please forgive.]
    I’m very happy to have a real artist come across SG. And grateful that you responded. And delighted that you took pleasure in what was offered.

    Yours, truly,

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