All Is Leaf

Lucas Cranach the Elder (c. 1472 – 1553)

“To divide the united, to unite the divided, is the life of nature; this is the eternal systole and diastole, the eternal collapsion and expansion, the inspiration and expiration of the world in which we move.”
“I compare the earth and her atmosphere to a great living being perpetually inhaling and exhaling.”


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)


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  1. I was waiting for a post – it has been a long time. Thank you. Again.

    (Did you receive my comment re a poem that features secretgardening?)

    • Oh boy. Have I not responded to your kind encouragement? That’s awful, and I’m so sorry.
      It’s particularly sweet of you to have remembered this site after I lost heart & couldn’t bring myself to keep trying. Of course I’d be so happy & honored to see that poem. It almost makes my heart ache to remember the pleasure of exchanging thoughts with the very few & very special people who chimed in, back when I was so full of the inspiration I gathered up along with the matter for these posts, energized by it all, even proud.
      The blog seems to have been made redundant by all the sites that followed and handled similar themes, professionally, and with academic thoroughness, & wise authorial context & commentary, like “Public Domain Review”, the very enviable & out-of-my-league “Brain Pickings”, & many others. Even people on facebook have stumbled across tidbits about trees talking to one another, or–as has the entire world–how human animals are.
      Text & images that appeared here, and much, much material I had tucked away for future use, have shown up elsewhere.

      Sorry to pour all this out. I was moved that someone noticed, while it was alive, and when it stopped. –Don’t seem to have been able to kickstart myself again, into that magic flow of discoveries and convergences & matching & patching with gold.
      Thank you. Please keep telling me what you think & what you’re up to.

      • I could wrote a LOT. But I think it’s all in my poem. So here it is, showing how fine it is what you are doing.


        The ancient Egyptians were buried with their favourite cats.
        I want Lapham’s Quarterly (the edition called “The Sea”)
        And a gardenia bloom –
        Their scent lasts forever.

        Photos: my parents sister brother
        Husband and sons, my nanny,
        And a tiny card with the word “friend.”

        A painting of the green Latrun Valley,
        Almost all of the illustrations from secretgardening.wordpress

        Maybe the slow movement of Beethoven’s Seventh.

        What else could I want
        In another world?
        Sure (as the Irish say), all of that is enough here.

        Linda Press Wulf
        July 13, 2018

      • Oh my goodness–The loveliest honor: to be included, in some form, in someone’s poetry! How kind you are.
        Isn’t it funny–I obviously needed encouragement very badly (& was pretty ashamed of having blathered on about how disheartened I was), and you had, long since, in your own art! incorporated as significant to you something I’d thrown so much effort into over the years, hoping precisely that it would have some significance. Linda, thank you. I could certainly never have imagined anything quite like it.

      • Why did I think you were a man? I have to think on that one for a while…

        Are you near Berkeley, CA? If so, I’d love to meet for coffee when there is such a thing again.
        But I won’t need to do any reassuring because, as you just wrote, you have it from an objective source.

        I’m looking forward to the next post, whenever it comes out.

      • I’m so losing track of things.
        That sounds unbelievably appealing. Wish I were near Berkley—I’m in Santa Barbara. If ever you journey in this direction, please let me know..
        It’s heartening to think someone’s looking forward to SG posts, but it’s a kind of hollow heart I’m working with here.
        At the moment trying to compose on the phone, which I would not choose to, & a balky old system of mine for saving images—and what has happened to the internet? It’s got to be me…
        Gratefully, though,
        C (woman, & all applicable pronouns, though that’s of miniscule concern)

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