No One Hears

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591 – 1666),
best known as Guercino (Squinter)



They have little use. They are best as objects of torment.
No government cares what you do with them.

Like birds, and yet so human . . .
They mate by briefly looking at the other.
Their eggs are like white jellybeans.

Sometimes they have been said to inspire a man to do more with his life than he might have.
But what is there for a man to do with his life?

. . . They burn beautifully with a blue flame.

When they cry out it is like the screech of a tiny hinge; the cry of a bat. No one hears it . . .


Russell Edson (1935 – 2014)


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  1. Thank you for your beautiful blog, Secret Gardener. I’m Italian, excuse me for the mistakes in your language… I don’t like so much to surf the Internet and the blogs, but I’m always deeply fascinated and inspired by the Secret Gardener and his (her?) precious images of art and nature… Thank you!
    Giovanna Menegus (blog Crudalinfa)

    • Oh, I’m so grateful to hear from you, and sorry it took me so long to say so.
      I have actually been studying—trying to properly study–Italian, on the program Duolingo. A few years ago I was so happy that I thought I might try to find a way to get to Europe & look at some of the places mentioned in this blog. Botanical gardens, Natural History museums, parks, castles . . . It sounds like a crazy fantasy now–but to have someone there find me here is lovely.
      –Cassandra (her)

  2. OMG, so humbling, so true.

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