Tempera Wind

Andrew Newell Wyeth (1917 – 2009)


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  1. A haunting tonal impression that conveys such feeling.

    • I hope Im still alive when the art world declares that Wyeth was not a sentimental middlebrow, but, like no other, specific, unique, movingly stubborn, rooted in his own world & light, and radically unsentimental. The truth is that every time has a movement, and all those supposedly rebellious free spirits move in packs, and look just like one another for decades before there is a shift to a new style whereupon all artists of that time fall in. Ive never understood how visual artists, musicians, poets — can stand to immediately put on whatever the current look, sound, perspective, tone, or affectation is without feeling ridiculous. But they do — and then critics savage whoever doesn’t fall into line, or worse, dont consider them as worth paying attention to. I never allow mysef to feel the full rage of not being in step in college, and then thirty years later finding the most celebrated writers having taken the plunge into the most lavishly maximalist density (brilliantly, as I would not have) —but to awed reverence for their new approach, merging old-fashioned wordy formality and convoluted layers of consciousness and love of language with the sensibility of this new age—And that is the fucking key–There has to be an agreement on that new age and eventually a definition for that new era.
      Anyway—Yes—I love a depiction of the unseen, the invisible wind made visible, even absent color.

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