Ours Blanc

polar ours bJacques de Sève (fl. 1742 – 1788)
from quadruped illustrations for Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière avec la description du Cabinet du Roi
Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707 – 1788) French naturalistmathematiciancosmologist, and encyclopédiste


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  1. At least I have a similar print from 1809 by Keanerly, London propped in a bookcase. As the population vanishes, I can see him daily.

    • Lynn –I know I owe you a message. For the past few months my body seems to have been struggling with itself, but I think my mind has been the loser. I’ve dealt with a kind of outline of tasks, but avoided actual thinking where I could. I keep imagining that I’m going to go back and catch up, as an awful lot things recede into the depths of files and distance of timelines. Still hoping, though.

      I can’t find a Keanerly reference online. Can you tell me more?

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