Chrysanthemums in a jug by a tiled wall

lucie vdiLucie van Dam van Isselt  (1871 – 1949)


Beauty is not caused. It is.
–  Emily Dickinson



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  1. Lovely.

    • Thank you, Lynn. I’ve been happy not only to find the artists I’ve loved online– but to make discoveries I doubt would have been possible without the internet.
      It would have been lovely to have traveled, and dallied in small museums here & there, but — realistically . . . .

  2. Wonderful blog. wonderful post, glad to find this!

    • Thank you very much!
      I am glad you found it too. Although the readership is the best, most sensitive, environmentally conscious, beauty-appreciating, nature-tending, literate, and kind bunch of people you could find—-It is a very, very small bunch.
      Welcome ——

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