Lullaby in Blue

Gerard_David_-_Madonna_and_Child_with_the_Milk_SoupMadonna and Child with the Milk Soup
Gerard David
 (c. 1460 – 13 August 1523)
–painter and manuscript illuminator. Only a bare outline of his life survives

Lullaby in Blue

[. . . . .]

Child, from this world now you will draw your breath
   and let out your moth flutter of blue sighs.
Now your mother will listen for each one,
   alert enough to hear snow starting to flake

   from the sky, bay water beginning to freeze.
Sleep now, little shadow, as your first world
   still flickers across your face, that other side

   where all was given and nothing desired.
Soon enough you’ll want milk, want faces, hands,
   heartbeats and voices singing in your ear.

   Soon the world will amaze you, and you
will give back its bird-warble, its dove call,
   singing that blue note which deepens the song,

   that longing for what no one can recall,
your small night cry roused from the wholeness
   you carry into this broken world

Betsy Sholl
from  ROUGH CRADLE (Alice James, 2009)
[This is an excerpt from Lullaby in Blue.
Please see the complete poem here:]


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