The Ostrich

ostrichThe Ostrich
Presented by his Majesty to the late Merchioness of Londondery and now in the gardens of the Zoological Society

Copper etching by J. Engleheart. Printer: R. Clay. London, 1829


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  1. Thank you for posting the ostrich. For some reason it made me think of recommending Jose Saramago’s book ‘The Elephant’s Journey’ to you – probably the thought of animals far from home.
    Best wishes

    • That’s very interesting–because I’ve been waiting, from the time I began the blog, for the emotional fortitude—and also to reclaim the old ability to focus, winnow, disentangle, and be decisive– to post an edited version of what I had uncovered about the sad travels of a giraffe from its home, over the ocean, across the continent, to a royal accommodation where its care was, of course, horribly misunderstood.
      —And another tale of an exotic beast who was toured around Europe and displayed to the public, for which there are wonderful illustrations.

      And Thank You; it’s really nice to get a pertinent & promising recommendation like that.

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