Study Of A Cucumber, With Its Leaves

Jacques le Moyne de Morgues (1533 – 1588


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  1. Beautiful. I grew an heirloom variety this year and it had the same dark spines!

    • Pre-homogenized life just seems to have been more vivid—now we are scared of twists and lumps and crotchets: in vegetables, in people, in our world, which is mown, clipped, rolled, pressed, medicated, and made uniform—-and, as you pointed out, poisoned – in ignorance of the natural order of things.

      Thank you—-I am in awe of the patience of your observation, and so the depth of your knowledge & understanding of the natural world.
      I wish everyone would read your blog—-I’ve posted a couple of things on facebook, and several things on twitter, but I wish it could be serialised in newspapers and taught in schools.

      • I am so honoured. Thanks for the encouragement.

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