May Day Flora

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  1. Beautiful!

    • They really knew how to decorate their walls back then —- Happy May Day

      • Same to you, I like your blog!

      • I love your carefully collected & annotated flowers—–and just discovered the toys.
        There’s something amazing about a world in which we can enjoy—even though it may be virtually—such an abundance of beautiful things.
        —-Do you suppose that’s why people don’t realize what a precarious state the beauty of the actual world is in—? It’s so easy to summon up a virtual representation.
        Well—I’m hoping that it alerts them to all that might be lost –And how much more than they can imagine is here in the over-looked realm of natural life, though it’s dwindling at such a breathtaking, heart-stopping rate.

      • At least we can enjoy the beauty in a passive manner, not harming anyone.

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