Two Hares –and A Fox

two hares (and fox)
Japanese, c. 1870

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  1. This is so wonderful. One never sees fox and hares in the same painting. Often hares and lurches or hares and beagles or basset hounds as were typically used in the hunt of……. Have a wonderful pair of engravings depicting the lurchers in pursuit of a lone hare and Mr. Reynard Breaking Cover.

    • I didn’t know that.
      These were such animated creatures—-Unfortunately, the shape of the column in this blog really doesn’t work for a wide image; the golden rectangle has to be on its end.
      I haven’t heard anything about their being hunted with dogs in Japan—though my search was half-hearted as hunting makes me sick.
      When animals turn up in art I like to think that at least artists, everywhere in the world, are honoring them, even if hunters, everywhere in the world, are out to kill them.
      I do love foxes. Though they were around, in Pennsylvania & New York, I was never lucky enough to see one. But there are some great paintings of what would have been the ancestors of those very foxes in our region.

      If anyone knows anything about this artist–Please let me know, so I can make the correct attribution.
      (Have I ever mentioned how much I have come to loathe the pointless & irritating word “vintage” sprinkled ubiquitously around the web?)

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