Global Warning

global“If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current levels of 398 ppm to at most 350 ppm…”Dr. James Hansen

Since Dr. James Hansen, a leading climatologist, warned in 2008 that we need to reduce the amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere to 350 parts-per-million (ppm) in order to preserve life on Earth, little has been done to get us there.

It’s getting late. If we’re going to preserve a livable Earth we, the global grassroots, must do more than mitigate global warming.
We must reverse it.

But how?

Hint number one: not by politely asking out-of-control corporations and politicians to please stop destroying the planet.

Hint number two: not by pinning our hopes for survival and climate stability on hi-tech, unproven and dangerous, “solutions” such as genetic engineering, geoengineering, or carbon capture and sequestration for coal plants.

Hint number three: not by naively believing that soon (or soon enough) ordinary consumers all over the planet will spontaneously abandon their cars, air travel, air conditioning, central heating, and fossil fuel-based diets and lifestyles just in time to prevent atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases from moving past the tipping point of 450 ppm or more of CO2 to the catastrophic point of no return.

We can reverse climate change by sequestering several hundred billion tons of excess CO2 using the “tools” we already have at hand: regenerative, organic farming, ranching and land use.

And we can make this world-changing transition by mobilizing a vast green corps of farmers, ranchers, gardeners, consumers, climate activists and conservationists to begin the monumental task of moving the Carbon Behemoth safely back underground.

Ronnie Cummins



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  1. Can’t like this one and I have to disagree. It’s the earth’s temperature that is the driver of CO2, not CO2 that is the driver of the earth’s temperature. As the earth warms for a number of complex reasons, but mostly do to the sun’s activity, CO2 in the atmosphere rises — the earth’s temperature goes down, CO2 in the atmosphere goes down. CO2 is a minor “greenhouse gas” as compared to water vapor the dominant “greenhouse gas”, and plays a minor role in worming. Geologic evidence show atmospheric levels of CO2 have been 20 times greater than today, and as little as 13,000 years ago CO2 levels were running around 425 ppm.

    • Can’t ‘approve’ this one. But I can reply:

      On the whole–I tend to go with those who are educated in the subject.

      • I have a degree in Geography with many hours in climatology, I’ve been studying climate science for over 30 years, I managed an official NOAA weather station for several years. I am very well educated in the subject.

        BTW The weather forecasters were saying we were going to get 1 to 6 inches of rain from hurricane Odile. As usual I got many emails from people asking what I thought about the dire forecasts. I said we would not get a drop of rain from Odile, and we got a total of zero precipitation from Odile.

      • Forecasting weather—or being a good guesser—has nothing to do with it.

        I’d ask where you studied, but it doesn’t matter: The overwhelming—so overwhelming that in no other subject would anyone rational bother to waste time pursuing the lack of evidence against it—consensus of top scientists from the best universities around the world is as the graphic indicates.

      • There are lots of incentives in money from the government and professional bullying that make many scientists come to the conclusions that global warming is man made and we can do something about it. It’s become more of a religion than a science for many, and a money grab for politicians.

        As I mentioned, I managed a NOAA weather station for several years, and I saw first hand the manipulation and adjustments NOAA made to historic temperature data. Look it up. NOAA just recently reset the highest temperatures recorded back to the 1930’s. They should have never been manipulating the data in the first place. Also, NOAA put in temperature recording stations in pristine wilderness areas ten years ago. The data from those station show a gradual cooling over the past ten years. Look it up, it’s ready available on line. There has been no global warming in years.

        I didn’t guess on the weather forecast, and it has everything to do with it. You assumed I’m not educated, but I happen to know the geography of NM and how the weather works here very well, and I know what the models are leaving out of their predictions; therefore, I could confidently say that we would get zero precipitation from Odile and be correct.

      • I admire people who know their land.
        Just as I respect the people who know their subject: It is nonsense that the entire world of science is faking this —
        The largest corporations & richest (Republican) politicians are fighting AGAINST those very scientists, because the big energy corporations want to continue the damage, the polluting companies don’t want to be regulated, and the politicians are lobbied by the wealthiest the most effectively.

        Even if it were only a suspicion—What is the upside of continuing to pollute the air, the drinking water, the oceans, and the earth.
        Doctors, conservationists, biologists, botanists, zoologists, gardeners, the Audubon Society, and anyone who is paying attention are now SEEING the results of global warming.
        If we had paid attention back when scientists were projecting this from the evidence that was already available almost half a century ago to those who understood physics and chemistry, and cared about how the whole universe interacts-
        -we would not be where we so clearly are:
        Melting ice caps, starving polar bears, birds with no green space to land on, pesticides in the groundwater, wildlife penned in by endless roads and highways, whole species extinguished when millions of acres of forests are wiped out, hermaphroditic fish from the endocrine-disrupting plastics we manufacture and throw away by the billions upon billions.
        If you throw garbage into a creek you can tell that something is wrong. Why don’t you understand the big picture?

      • Please go do some research. The ice caps are at record levels as is the ice masses on the south pole. Turn off your TV and do some real real research, including research contrary to your beliefs.

      • I don’t have a television and never have had.
        And I would never have the basis to begin to work my way up to all the disciplines involved in understanding all the complications of climate science and its effects on the planet and all that encompasses.—The chemistry, the geomorphology, geophysics, hydrology, mathematics, paleoclimatology—–it’s not just meteorology—
        And even had I begun my life in the sciences and continued learning until today, I would defer to the scientists working at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard, those at Columbia, at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Physics of Weather and Climate Group), the Nobel prize-winners, the guy who does the global geodynamic modeling and ice sheet reconstructions on atmospheric and oceanic waves and turbulence, and the rest of the 99% of scientists who have come at it from an abstract interest in the science and those who have made all the connections with everything that happens on earth.

  2. So glad you picked up this message! If only more people realized how much everything we all most love and appreciate would only be enhanced by taking the measures needed to address climate change – thanks for spreading the word with this powerful image.x

  3. I don’t know if you’ve seen this already but it seems relevant to the above exchange:

    • Bless you! I have seen it–and was so grateful to have my amazement & confusion at why anyone could possibly argue FOR pollution & destruction laid out in its simple insanity.
      Thank you for bringing it back to me, and to the conversation.

      Seems closely related to the mystery of how the people who profit from it have somehow deluded so many into calling the rapacious ways corporations make money & get away with murder “freedom from government”, and other such Orwellian upside-down concepts.
      Never–until the poison is coming out of their own taps–do such people bother to think through the irrationality they’ve been duped into championing.

  4. (And—well-done getting the graphic onto the comment template.)

  5. […] decided to post this after reading The Secret Gardener's recent post and associated comments re climate change – thanks 🙂 […]

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