rubus isham
Artist: Schutt, Ellen Isham, 1873-1955
Scientific name: Rubus
Common name: brambles
Variety: Eaton
Geographic origin: Leslie, Ingham County, Michigan, United States

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  1. Lovely and delicious brambles. A childhood memory riding in a car driven gardening wagon amidst the brambles while being transported for transplant to our gardens. Watching the careful plantings then waiting for thw fruit to emerge only to find that the birds were the first to feast. Then some old Scottish precautions were taken for the future ensuring successful sweet produce.

  2. Hi, It was awesome to see my Great, great Aunt Nell’s (Ellen Isham Schutt) watercolor work on your page. My mother is a Schutt and the great niece of Ellen. Her father, Ellen’s nephew, took her to meet her when my mom was 10 years old. She has fond memories of her. I love seeing how others are still enjoying her beautiful art even to this day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It’s wonderful to hear from you!
      Some of the renderings of native plants made for the purpose of cataloguing them are in fact lovely natural history studies.
      It made me wonder what other art was created by those who did such meticulous work on the job. And it made me happy to honor their work as the art it is—UN-anonymously.
      Thank you for letting me know about your connection to it.
      —It’s about the most recent history represented in Secret Gardener, and just as beautiful as a still life painted hundreds of years earlier.

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