Earth Laughs in Flowers

jcd iris
Johann Christoph Dietzsch (1710 – 1769)

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  1. Overwhelming! Almost erotic. How beautiful is the little ‘touch of red’ on this gorgeous ‘background’. You made my Sunday. 🙂

    • That’s a vivid way to put it into words–That lushness, and that luscious blue, against the black, and a little gold fuzz, too.
      Many of this sort of flower portrait are too formal for me, and even more often I find the black too dramatic–But as you say this was kind of electrifying, and yet the blossom that soft violet color.
      I hoped no one would find the source of the quotation too shocking for memorial day. But for all the beauty the world keeps helplessly bringing forth,
      it’s a bitter season here on earth– And it always is when the young die —or are threatened with extinction.

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