looks like Roelandt Savery signature to me

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  1. he looks so sad…loss of hope came to mind
    you have drawn sadness as one feels it I think
    Beautiful work of art
    Take Care …You Matter…

    • Not mine by any stretch—
      The reason there is no artist’s name—-and I detest the lack of attribution everywhere on the web, and elsewhere, and find it not just unethical but immoral, whether a complete & tangible work or a concept—is because everywhere online it was said to be by Hendrik Goltzius, but there is writing visible that looks like a signature in the lower left-hand corner, with the initial ‘R’, and then a capital ‘S’ followed by what could very well be ‘a’ and ‘v’ with two or three more letters—-
      And, somewhere I saw that it was acquired by someone named Jacob de Vos “as Roelandt Savery”—which can’t mean that one of those names is a pseudonym for the other, because the collector JdV and artist RS are from different centuries, so it must mean that he was sold the painting as having been by RS—
      which doesn’t explain the signature unless the art dealers forged it. Now Roelandt Savery & Hendrik Goltzius are equally well-known, I think, and I find nothing to suggest that one would be so much more desirable at the time that circumstances would bring about such a fraud. HG was an engraver of other people’s drawings, but this is a drawing not an engraving, and he did draw & paint, himself —
      So, until I can get an opinion from a knowledgeable art historian, I just don’t know what to put down.
      But it did look very much of that era to me, and there were lots of images from the time of domesticated monkeys, and wild, exotic animals kept as “pets”, ie chained–or somehow confined, so I didn’t expect it to be taken as mine. Though, even as a non-artist, I can imagine copying it.
      But YES–Sorrow. Very fittingly.

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