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  1. Delicious!

    • It is delicious, isn’t it? It’s wonderful to have an artist notice–Thank you.
      I thought to say—‘That lapis blue, right?’ And then I thought that I really did want to know for sure where that magnificent pigment came from—And, lo! It IS lapis lazuli!
      And the trees are so lovely– and wreaths—-but how irresistible are those frolicking puppies? Le joli mois de mai, indeed.

      (And your characters are more alive than any I’ve seen that are not already famous. You have an impish pen & a lively paintbrush. It makes me wonder what they’re thinking)

      • How nice the way you appreciate all the details in a painting.
        Thank you also for enjoying ‘my people’ 🙂
        I love your blog, it is full of pearls.

    • And P.S. —-I wish there were a way to urge everyone to click on the image to enlarge it. It’s so worth it to see the puppies and little garlands of ivy better. And just to drink in that blue.
      Though what I thought looked like blooming rosemary turned out to have leaves rather than needles—-But it’s still a pretty bit of shrubbery.

      • Yes, it still gives the impression of rosemary!

      • Right?–It’s hard for me not to see the shape & the pale blue flowers as that ubiquitous herb here on the west coast of the US—something I was so happy to discover when I moved here, with my favorite pine-balsam smell, and sometimes wonderfully twisty twigs.
        It’s great to have someone else recognize the signs–

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