Fra Angelico (c. 1395– February 18, 1455)

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  1. Another favorite. You inspired me to take out my book on Fra Angelico and admire his moving work once again. The period from Giotto, Fra Angelico through the Renaissance and the antiquities from Greco/Roman times have always been my greatest inspirations . Thank you.

    • Funny–What I saw of him back in those awful art reproduction books in the old days always seemed too pink & gold & skinny somehow; leapt forward to Botticelli for flowers & Leonardo for everything. And then Vermeer. I took that prejudice with me after school, until it faded into the sparse, arbitrary
      experience I’ve had since.
      He is magnificent.

  2. beautiful

    • I thought I liked real light in pictures. But I’m converted–for now, at least–to rays & webs of gold.

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