Red Orach

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741), apothecary & botanist

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741), apothecary & botanist

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  1. Reminds me a bit of The Dragon Arum in Dr. Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora. Dark and elegant.

  2. Hi Secret Gardener,
    As a way of letting you know how much I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog, I’ve nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Best Moment Award, and Sunshine Award. You can pick them up from here, if you’re so inclined. 🙂 Participation is optional.

    • That is very, very super-kind. And I think we must be on some sort of sympathetic wave-length: We have a Red Orach bond, don’t we? It was such a strange feeling to check your beautiful pages, as I do periodically, and see in reality what I’d just posted a centuries-old illustration of. Is that not the magnificent plant that you have apparently succeeded in actually raising in your actual–rather than secret & virtual–garden, and use an image of as a header?
      And, thank you.
      I have to warn you, though–I’ve been horribly remiss, and I’m afraid it must seem rude, in lagging to a ridiculous extent in my response to award nominations. (Look. I seem to be boasting. But I’m so happy to be included among those of you who do distinctly deserve it)
      Which is one reason that I was so pleased that you articulated a little of the (mild) quandry that accompanies them.
      I still owe a response to an enormously kind blogger, who I greatly admire, and who has really been encouraging.
      I was almost relieved to discover that something showed up in a blood-test, and resulted in a prescription– which I’m counting on to get me out of this slump very soon!
      Maybe I should have turned to someone knowledgeable about herbs long ago . . .
      Thank you for thinking of this blog and nominating it.
      And thank you very much for yours.

      • You’re welcome! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well? Hopefully, you’re on the mend and that the prescription will get you out of the slump.

        I view these awards as symbolic, of bloggers encouraging and appreciating each other’s work. When you’re ready and if you’re willing to accept, then they’re yours to receive. And it’s up to you what you’ll make of them. It’s totally alright if you chose not to participate. 🙂 I just want you to know how grateful I am of blogs like yours, filled with beautiful illustrations and words!

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