A front view of Lathyrus odoratus L.

Macoto Murayama. Image courtesy of Frantic Gallery.

Image courtesy of Frantic Gallery

Macoto Murayama diagrams flowers. He buys his specimens from flower  stands or collects them from the roadside. Murayama carefully dissects each  flower, removing its petals, anther, stigma and ovaries with a scalpel. He  studies the separate parts of the flower under a magnifying glass and then  sketches and photographs them.
Using 3D computer graphics software, the artist then creates models of the  full blossom as well as of the stigma, sepals and other parts of the  bloom. He cleans up his composition and adds measurements and  annotations so that, in the end, he has created nothing short of  a botanical blueprint.



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  1. What a knowledge!

  2. Reblogged this on My Botanical Garden.

  3. Finally, a good use for computers!

    • It is a bravura performance.
      But I feel as though I’m always playing this magical instrument; one that requires very little virtuosity to pluck from the web elements of all the beauty in the world–an almost infinite variety –And all evidence of loss, as the intricate web of real life is ruthlessly shredded around us.
      I can’t help but sound dramatic, because I just find our century of willful heedlessness unfathomable, and unforgiveable, and now hoplessly irreparable—-
      And yet there are STILL excuses, irrational intransigence—evil, really, I can’t imagine how else to define it.
      We have all these magical devices: We can see things otherwise invisible, we can see into things & through things. But only with our eyes! What has happened to the rest of our understanding!

  4. I love this kind of detailed drawing. Beautiful

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