Grace Cossington Smith (Australian painter, (1892-1984) Reading

Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984) Reading

To my mother

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  1. Thank you, it is a lovely picture. Where did you find it? Tom came to help me do something at work yesterday AND brought me a beautiful bunch of irises. He didn’t stay for dinner because I had bought a bunch of groceries and fresh fruit and vegetal\bles for him (and me) a couple of days ago, and he still had a lot of uneaten stuff. But he stayed and talked for a few minutes. He helped me a lot at work, and because he is usually in a hurry when he comes it was nice to see him for a little while. Your card was sweet and got here on time. I am waiting for my cleaning ladies to come. This time I got ready for them by taking stuff off the tops of things — and when I finished I saw that it already looked clean — but I’m going to ask them to particularly scrub the kitchen floor and a couple of other things that I don’t ever do.I don’t know why my computer is typing these things out this wayI Will write more or talk to you later. Love, MOM

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