Lemon and Seville Orange Fruits

l & o seville fruits jlmdm

Jacques le Moyne de Morgues (c. 1533–1588)


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  1. This picture sparked a search by me for some other Citrus art I knew.
    Haven’t found that yet, but restumbled upon another piece and artist of interest perhaps. If you haven’t already heard of her or seen her works.

    Berthe Hoola van Nooten, what a name.

    Some prints for sale here, including the Buddha Hand Citron, Citrus medica sarcodactylis, the most amazing of the Citrons

    Her whole original text is free online at Botanicus as well

    An interesting life it seems and great art
    She did a few Citrus, why I found her works again

  2. The makings of a delicious marmalade.

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