Leguminosae – Calliandra houstoni – Acacia houstoni

leguminosae-20calliandra-houstoni1Sydenham Teast Edwards (1768 – 1819)

Sydenham Teast Edwards was a botanical artist who worked for 27 years for Curtis’s Botanical magazine. In 1815 he started the rival The botanical register; consisting of coloured figures of exotic plants, cultivated in British gardens; with their history and mode of treatment. The text for the first 14 years is by John Bellenden Ker and the volumes 15-33 by John Lindley as Edward’s botanical register. The principal illustrators were Edwards himself, M. Hart and Miss Drake and the engravers Sansom, Smith, S. Watts, White and G. Barclay.


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  1. Miss Drake!

    • I know. That’s why I included the full list.
      When I was a child I couldn’t get over the fact that all the young women in novels were reading “Mrs. Gaskell”.
      The world was so small that there was only one.

    • So small—And so relaxed that you could officially say “and others.”

  2. A charming depiction of the Acacia. Thank you.

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