Brontosaurus Excelsus

Brontosaurus, Sketch by Othniel Charles Marsh (1831 – 1899), paleontologist

 Sketch by Othniel Charles Marsh (October 29, 1831 – March 18, 1899)

In May 1871, Marsh uncovered the first pterosaur fossils found in America. He also found early horses,  flying reptiles, the Cretaceous and Jurassic dinosaurs; Apatosaurus and Allosaurus, and described the toothed birds of the Cretaceous; Ichthyornis and Hesperornis.

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  1. How elegant he seems.

    • I know–An ivory necklace.
      But also–things were made with beautiful materials until the 20th century, and everyone needed to know how to draw–and this was the precise elegance of a scientist.

  2. Guy Davenport’s comment is so very true. As I drove to San Francisco last week through the Central Valley I was accident aware of his statement. There is no need for a museum or even a painting when one can view the living landscape of Mother Nature. Especially brilliant is Hwy 152 west towards Gilroy shush is the most spectacular journey through a Chinese landscape on a treacherous roller coaster road. It gives you chills…..the beauty and the road.

  3. That was accutely aware. This I phone thinks it knows what you want to say and is often wrong. Hard to catch.

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