charles rennie mackintosh aconite

Charles Rennie Mackintosh  1868 – 1928


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  1. Thank you, secret gardener… I love dropping in and being refreshed by such beauty, and surprise, and thought. I wish you well in your searches, and send you love.

  2. Thank you, my unsecret correspondent.
    The numbers (in single digits) suggest that everyone else drops in by mistake –and finds no reason to return.
    [Well, I don’t have the guts to actually request people to check it out. The time I put a link with a quotation on facebook, I think it caused a little ripple of dismissive -if veiled-comment.]
    I believe you’ve kept me going for a year, now.

  3. So beautiful, a great inspiration, thank you!

    • Isn’t it lovely–I was so enchanted when I discovered Mackintosh, when I was younger.
      He also designed beautiful buildings & beautiful furniture.
      I owe you some facts about myself, and although I doubt that you’re holding your breath in anticipation
      -I WILL execute this eccentric little duty,

      Your grateful compatriot,

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